60 Day Challenge

A month and a half ago I had my 22nd high school reunion. I had 5-6 drinks. I was drunk. I don't get drunk often anymore. Ever since 2019 when I started tracking my daily alcohol intake, I significantly dropped my alcohol intake to less than a drink a day. I was less likely to … Continue reading 60 Day Challenge

Month 2-Vegan, A Year of Sustainability

I watched the movie Cowspiracy and Seaspiracy and decided that my second month would be going vegan. Seaspiracy showed the effects of mass fishing industry on our oceans. Cowspiracy showed the effect of meat industry. Meat industry creates a massive amount of runoff, NO2, Methane, contributes to deforestation and water consumption. I always thought Vegans … Continue reading Month 2-Vegan, A Year of Sustainability


Tel Aviv Sunset

What would hThis post took a long time to make. In fact, months passed since this challenge. It was the challenge where I felt that failed the most. I didn't even know how to track this. How many times I used plastic? How much electricity I use? There is so much waste around us that … Continue reading 30 DAYS OF CLIMATE ABATEMENT- THERE IS HOPE, IF WE DO THIS TOGETHER.

30-Days of Journals

My monthly Journaling as shown with the Day One app. For a long time, I've wanted to journals. Journaling according to a Journaling book called "Discover Your Dharma" by Shivani Singh is the single common component between all great people. From Franklin to Edison to Washington and Lincoln, all these people wrote out their thoughts. … Continue reading 30-Days of Journals