30-Days of Journals

My monthly Journaling as shown with the Day One app.

For a long time, I’ve wanted to journals. Journaling according to a Journaling book called “Discover Your Dharma” by Shivani Singh is the single common component between all great people. From Franklin to Edison to Washington and Lincoln, all these people wrote out their thoughts. The idea is that in order to become great or at least achieve your potential, you must constantly put your ideas on paper, you must analyze your life, your day, your wins and losses. I have meant to do this but never quiet could. So this 30-Day-Challenge would tackle this desire.

I began to write daily. Sometimes it was just a paragraph. It was hard. I would write what happened yesterday, what I planned to do today. However, as days went on and as I developed a habit by using a journaling app ( I used Day One) , it became easier and easier, especially since the app showed me the days I journaled and reminded me to journal in the morning.

Once I got better at journaling, I began to write on more topics. I wrote on what happened, on what I wanted to do, on what was hard. I wrote about my work and my difficulties and my thoughts on how to fix those difficulties.

Effects and Results

The changes were very gradual but I had stagnated at work and I was doing poorly in my classes. I believe that I can attribute my increase in productivity at work and at school, my increased focus and my ability to solve some very hard problems that plagued me with this daily ritual of writing out my progress and thoughts.

As you can see, I did not write everyday. I generally wrote five days a week and there was an entire week that I missed. However I can say that the app helps me to continue to write, at least a few times a week.

Next Challenge: Efficiency

We often notice that we are doing things in an inefficient way. We plan our days such that we run around too much or we do things in the wrong order or we have things in our house or office that drain our energy by not making us work in an efficient way. I noticed that I have difficulty presenting my work to my boss because of this. So this month, I will tackle efficiency. I don’t know how, but I will let you know.

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