England and British Air

So I flew through England, during the pandemic, on British Airways. I don't recommend it, they are not very good about scheduling. We arrived in London from US ten minutes late and as a result, no one on the flight was allowed to get on the connecting flight. They told me later that sometimes flights … Continue reading England and British Air

Brazil for Americans

If you get it in US:Takes 10-20 daysCosts $200-$300Usually multi-entry for 5 years.Requires bank statements, vaccines, knowing where you're going and buying your tickets first.In Buenos Aires:Takes 2 daysCosts $25090 day visa.Requires same as in US but you also have to make an appointment ahead of time and fill out online application and bring it … Continue reading Brazil for Americans

Ukraine to Belarus

Border LogisticsVisa can be done in one day for about $300 or in a matter of days for about half.Necessary to have contact person's information in Belarus.Consulate is open even on Ukrainian State holidays but with limited hours.Tip: There is no passport check between Russia and Belarus and getting visa for Belarus is much simpler … Continue reading Ukraine to Belarus

Panama to Colombia

Logistics at Border:Panama: Need three photocopies of passport to enter and two to enter.Office opens at eight, photocopy office opens at nine.Office closes at four.Colombia: Office opens briefly once a day to stamp passports.Ask Joe near the dock for details.FlyFrom Panama to Bogota for about $250From Panama to border, 45 minute Launcha to Capurgana and Fly to … Continue reading Panama to Colombia