It’s Not Easy

It’s easy to destroy,
It’s easy to point finger
It’s easy to unleash
An email full of rage
It’s easy to assume
The other person is to blame
It’s easy to deride
Poke fun and humiliate.
There’s no difficulty in sarcasm
There’s no talent in a scream
The only problem with them all
Is they don’t accomplish a single thing.

It’s not easy to be kind
But it builds relationship not strife
It’s not easy to say sorry
But it creates kinship instead of rage
It’s not easy to lend a hand
To be there when someone is down
It takes effort to put a stop
To a bully who won’t back down

It is not easy to be good,
It is not easy to do good,
But effort is the price
Of a nicer and kinder world.

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