Year Two For Her (and Us)

12 Months Plus

As soon as she hit 12 months, she began to walk. Once she began to walk, no matter how slow and awkward, there was no acceptance of the carrier or stroller. She wants to go places and she will explore whether you are there or not. Words are also becoming more prominent. She will take. a word and cling to it and repeat it for effect.

14 Months

She understands things. You can direct her to go to places. She brings the shoes to walk and will pick up legs to put on pants. She is becoming more picky about food. She will try to eat on her own. She will say things for effect but also pretend to talk. She waves good bye and claps for herself. She will try to bitee just to see what happens.

18 Months
The change in a few months is monumental. She has fine motor skills, she is growing and able to take things. She understands and using words and starting to combine two words. She is babbling non stop. But most of all is how she plays. She loves to cuddle, she loves to kiss, she loves to interact, she loves to ask what things are and learn. She can go up and down stairs, still with help but less and less. She has a personality. She likes to joke and loves to be tickled. It is such a massive change as she is no longer a little baby but becoming so sweet.

She is breastfeeding less and less and now has one nap that is 2-3 hours. Much easier for her to fall asleep. Fairly predictable and able to brush her teeth, plays in bath with toys, likes to grab books and read them together, loves to dance and listen to movies.

19 Months
She laughs when we laugh to be part of the joke. She gets angry when she doesn’t get her way. She can pet gently and be a jerk and claw. Her words can be combined now like “more baple” or “more nanna”. She will pick out her outfit and know when I’m going with the dog. She tries to dry the dog with a towel after rain, and not after rain. She insists on being first to sweep and demands to use the vacuum. She will wash herself, splash in the tub and try to clean things with rags. She is 34 inches and 28.5 pounds.

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