Year Two For Her (and Us)

12 Months Plus As soon as she hit 12 months, she began to walk. Once she began to walk, no matter how slow and awkward, there was no acceptance of the carrier or stroller. She wants to go places and she will explore whether you are there or not. Words are also becoming more prominent. … Continue reading Year Two For Her (and Us)

It’s Not Easy

It's easy to destroy,It's easy to point fingerIt's easy to unleashAn email full of rageIt's easy to assumeThe other person is to blameIt's easy to deridePoke fun and humiliate.There's no difficulty in sarcasmThere's no talent in a screamThe only problem with them allIs they don't accomplish a single thing.It's not easy to be kindBut it … Continue reading It’s Not Easy

Teachers (and Parents), STOP BEING FRIENDS WITH KIDS.

I have been substituting for about two months now. Being a substitute allowed me to observe various teachers in various schools. It allowed me to test various teaching techniques and approaches. Of the many approaches to teaching I tried, only one worked. I tried being the cool guy, an approach I saw at charter schools … Continue reading Teachers (and Parents), STOP BEING FRIENDS WITH KIDS.

Русский солдат

Лежит на травеУмер он от пулиВо время войныОперация в КиевеЗа нацистами онРади Росии пришел Но остался онНа земле как упалНе нужен был мертвыйРодине он.Долг закончилПатрон он словилЖивая мишеньА что мать у негоИли детиВ Башкирии или УфеЭто не важноКак слезы текут Главное честьвождя защищатьНельзя ведь представитьИли голос сказатьЧто нищая стала странаГде жизнь не нужнаРождают материМишени для … Continue reading Русский солдат