Month 2-Vegan, A Year of Sustainability

I watched the movie Cowspiracy and Seaspiracy and decided that my second month would be going vegan. Seaspiracy showed the effects of mass fishing industry on our oceans. Cowspiracy showed the effect of meat industry. Meat industry creates a massive amount of runoff, NO2, Methane, contributes to deforestation and water consumption. I always thought Vegans … Continue reading Month 2-Vegan, A Year of Sustainability

Quotes 1.

I am a collector. I collected everything from gum wrappers to stamps, coins and tshirts, friends and memories. They are all "useful" to me, but one thing that I find useful that I think is useful to others are quotes. What I love about quotes is how there are never enough. Life is so tough … Continue reading Quotes 1.