Challenge Tracker

My good friend was having a problem. He was drinking too much. So I thought I’d help out. My way of keeping myself honest and keeping myself progressing was putting things into my notes and just checking off things day by day. However, this wasn’t going to work for someone else. I’d have to create a plan and a spreadsheet that made things easier.

From this, came out the challenge tracker. At first it was just looking at drinks per day. Then it became looking at a plot of drinks. Then I decided to look at monthly average, and tips and strategy and a whole system came out of this.

In 2020, I would revamp the entire process and make it easy not to keep track of one challenge, but multiple challenges. I created a 21st century notch system that Ben Franklin had.

The final system can be seen here, where I track meditation, my work output, my frustrations, my journaling and my drinking. It’s become an addiction, and sometimes a distraction. But it really helped improve things a lot and help temper down things a lot as well. If you’d like a blank document, let me know.

Next time, I’ll go over my weekly agenda, which to my surprise, is also not unlike that of Ben Franklin.

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