My Next 30 Day Challenge: Join Me In a Fight To Save Our Planet.

Think of what you are doing right now. Right this second. How important is it? How important is it in one year, in two years, in ten years, in twenty years. Then look at your parents, your friends, your kids and your loved ones. Then realize that if we don’t get the government of the United States to do something significant RIGHT NOW, you and all of those people you love, will die a horrible horrible death.

I know what you think: dude, you’re over-reacting. Chill out! My answer to that is that I hate to break to you, but this isn’t an exaggeration, it is a scientific fact, we are about to hit a major positive feedback loop that will make every heatwave, every hurricane, every flood and fire that is happening right now, look like a cake walk. It’s not a might, it is a reality, with what we do now, this is what WILL happen. It is a fact that once the caps melt, methane is released. The caps are melting at an increasing pace, far faster than any projections. We know this because previously, it took the planet MILLIONS of YEARS to go up a degree, we increased it in less than 100 years and the amount of CO2 that United States puts out thanks to Trump’s policies right now will double the temperature within a decade.

Why America? Because 75% of the production of greenhouse gases are created by The United States or by China to produce American goods for American companies. This means that if the whole world stopped producing CO2 today, we would still all die, because United States is responsible for majority of CO2.

So what do we do? Well, this means it is up to the world to boycott American goods and pressure their governments to pressure American government to stop American deliberate globacide: the deliberate murder of 9 billion people and all animals for short term profits.

If you are an American and you do not want to be part of the globacide, you should be protesting, boycotting, calling and doing everything as if your and your loved ones’ life depended on it. Because it does. If we do not do the equivalent of a moonshot or saving the world from Nazis the way America did in 1940’s where it changed it’s entire economy, RIGHT NOW, all the people you know, will not exist in less than two decades GUARANTEED. This means if your kids are born today, they will not get to travel, they will not get to go to Coachella, they will likely not finish college. You will not retire, you will not have a nice house, you will not have anything. Because if we do not stop the corporations NOW, we will not need to go to Mars, we will have made a Mars of Earth.

So think again about what you are doing right now, this second. Think about how important it is. If what you are doing is not something that will stop the end of earth, of civilization, end of your kids, your parents, your friends, is it really that important?

And if you think that it is too hard, if you think that the government and corporations are too big, then look your loved ones in the eyes, and tell them they are not worth fighting for, that you would prefer to watch Game of Thrones, go out to bars, that you would rather let the corporations win than fight for your and their future. Do you really prefer to go down without a fight? Or would you rather fight while there is still a chance?

So tell me, what is the one thing you are going to do today to save the planet and the people you love? And if you do nothing, I want you to transport yourself 20 years, when your kids are asking you “Mom, Dad, why didn’t you do something when we could.” Imagine telling them: “I was a coward, I felt like going to bars, I felt like putting on Netflix.” Is that what you want to say to them? Or will you fight?

For the next 30 days, I will challenge myself to do something that will help us fight for our planet. It means that I will have to sacrifice, it requires things that are not comfortable and not fun. But that is the idea, to make the fight an every day habit. Why? Because we don’t have time anymore. We must do all that we can. Because if we don’t, there will be nothing else to do, than brace for the impending end, of us, of civilization, of all that is alive.

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