America, You’re No Longer Funny: US COrona vs The World

I’d like to write here the best practices that are wining against corona vs US practices that are half ass at best. These ideas were either read from articles, discussed with people who live in those places.

To stress, this is not to point fingers, this is to show how things can be done and should be done, now, if we are to stop the spread of this disease and save lives.

In Korea, they are mass testing and taking the temperature of people everywhere. They then test those people at specific places and don’t let them go until they test negative. If they are positive, they are put into isolation not to infect the family, family clusters are responsible for 75% of cases.

In US, you have to fight to get tested, most providers will refuse to test you even if doctor recommends it. Once you do you will be tested by staff inadequately dressed, who will then get back to you in one to two days at best and send you home to infect your family.

In Israel if you are tested positive you go to a quarantine away from all family. If you leave, you will be sent to jail. Your movements will be monitored by tracking your phone.

Once you’re tested in US, the public is not informed of where the person was for the last two days. If they go home, they are not tracked and under no requirement to stay at home.

MASKS- Singapore
Masks were provided for the population free of charge. No price gouging. The masks act like a vaccine, preventing those who are infected but don’t know it from spreading the virus to those who are not infected. It also creates lack of stigma if everyone wears masks.

Masks are not only not provided and in shortage and are overpriced due to price gouging and impossible to find, but they are also actively discouraged by media and government, told that they only keep infection and told those who are not infected not to wear them. This actively allows those who are infected but don’t know it to spread the disease but also creates stigma as all with masks are known to be carriers and make them less likely to want to wear one.

In Italy the confinement once seen as things were out of control in one area were set on Lombardy. Now they are country wide. If you are traveling, you will be stopped by police and asked why you are traveling. You must have a good excuse.

NONE. Do as you please, go where you wish, across the country, across town.

Public Places- Korea
Temperatures are taken everywhere, everything is constantly sterilized, workers know what to do and how to clean things. They also take temperature at the entrance of every place to make sure that anyone with temperature doesn’t enter and gets tested.

Public Spaces- US
Public workers in courts and hospitals and stores don’t wear masks, even though they interact with hundreds of people and so could become infected and become vectors. There is no disinfecting in public places, there are no sanitary stations and certainly no temperature checks.

I don’t know why I am the one doing this. I don’t know why the government isn’t doing this, federal, state or local. I don’t know if they are incapable of reading, or talking to experts. But this is how others are doing it and it is working. Here, we are actively spreading the disease every day, in stores, in public spaces. We are doing somethings, finally, but it is the dumbest approach possible. With the greatest impact. Churchill is proved again and again, “Americans will always do the right thing, after every other possibility has been exhausted.”


Current Stats (also good info on symptoms and disease)

Detailed Current Stats with great plots and explanations.

Israel CDC site in English

American CDC site (pretty much useless).

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