Corona City

Corona Streets
The city empty
Closed stores
Deliver, tables 
Topped with chairs
Owners, sitting 
Smoking out front
Desperation passed
Depression set in eyes
Cigarette in hand.
Tourists gone
Hotels closed
Sidewalks melt
Into the street
Crosswalks unnecessary
When there are no cars
Yuppy Residents
Of High Rise buildings
Run in Lululemon
Gyms are closed.
Only photographers
Hungry for world-ending shots
And Homeless 
Just Hungry, wander
Quiet Corona streets

In Sleepy Suburbs
Where one used to
Walk a mile
Without seeing another soul
Surrounded by long lonely roads
And speeding cars to malls
Suddenly sprouted
With people like a desert
After rain
On Tuesday morning
Wednesday afternoon 
Or Thursday lunch
Throngs of children
On bikes and scooters
Chase their running moms.
Fathers and mothers
In Parks with kids and dogs
Teenagers in pajamas
And Ugg boots
Taken for daily walks
Older husbands and wives
On daily walks

A world flipped upside down
As if drunk.

March 2020

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