30 Days of Stretching (October)

After over a year of challenges, it became difficult to figure out new things to do. One thing that I have always wanted to do is be more flexible. Here was my chance!

First I picked my stretches: the hanging down touching the toes. That one is my serious rival. The second is on the ground stretching for one leg and the last stretch was legs spread and stretching center and side to side. I tried to stretch once a day. Usually, I would remember in the evening. I would stretch sometimes in the shower, sometimes after.

I began with about 6 inches from my fingertips to my toes on the hanging stretch. The legs spread I had about two, two and a half feet between my feet and about 5 inches when reaching for my leg while sitting.

Week 2

At first, it was hard to remember and there was not much progress. By week two, however, I stretched more and more. I’d say the progress in the flexibility was maybe an inch or so in hanging stretch by this point but the bigger stretch happened in the mind where stretching once a day became more important.

Week 4

By the end of the stretching challenge, I am now within an inch of touching my toes and I can now reach my food when sitting and about three and a half feet when my legs are spread. This isn’t the monumental change that happened when running every day but it is good and I think this will be part of my daily or at least weekly routine.


Challenge Notes

I like this two-week check-in, it helps to make progress measurable but at the same time, it does not get in the way of my life, which is now very busy. I do wish that I took better measurements of my progress, but maybe on the next challenge. Currently, I’d say I’m doing well with all things considered.

Next Challenge: 30 days of 15 pages a day.


Photo Credit Les Howard- Flickr Photo

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