Reasons To Vote

Reasons to vote

Because women are people and they have rights

Because sexual assault victims are not people to laugh at

Because judges need to be impartial and decent human beings

Because power is taken, not given

Because tax breaks are for the middle class, not the wealthy

Because your paycheck didn’t go up, but the pay of 1% did.

Because you lost your medical benefits.

Because you lost protections on the job.

Because if you don’t, with global warming not addressed, you won’t live to see 2050.

Because we need clean water and air to live long and healthy lives.

Because national lands are treasures for all of us, not for wealthy corporations to mine and log.

Because the country is a laughing stock

Because you believe that a promise is a promise and a word is a word, especially of our president.

Because there are millions of people jails who shouldn’t be

Because drug companies continue to get windfalls while people you know die of drug overdose.

Because war on drugs is a war on black people and that hasn’t changed with Trump.

Because mothers with babies running for their lives shouldn’t be separated and put into jail

Because cutting funding for Cancer research to put kids into jail is wrong.

Because millions of Americans are prevented from voting

Because women’s bodies are women’s bodies and government and religion has no right over them

Because all Americans remain Americans even if they feel that their body doesn’t fit their gender

Because all Americans deserve protection, no matter who they love.

Because all Americans deserve education not just the wealthy.

Because Russia should not have a say in our elections.

Because Presidency of America is a privilege and a person of honor should hold that privilege.

Because a Supreme Court seat is one for those with honor and who are respected by legal community.


Because unfortunately, only  with a majority Democrat in house and senate, we have an opportunity to make America a more democratic place with freedom and liberty for all Americans regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, religion or race.


Because only with a Democrat majority do we have a chance to find out the truth about the election.

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