One Year of Character Building

My road to character with the 30-day challenges began with one drunken night and a decision to not be that kind of fiance. Since that night, I abstained from liquor for a month, meditated, ran once a day, stretched, had a month of asking with intent to get a no and many others.

Ongoing Wins

Some of the longest lasting results that I can see are things like flossing, where I still floss at least a few times a week where as I used to rarely floss. I still run at least once a week (when it is not too hot) which I did maybe once every couple months after I left US. I also meditate and learn hebrew at least once a week. I’m sure there are other things that I do. I try to create a weekly calendar and I try to stick to things better than I did before.

Things to Work On

I think one thing that is still difficult is to plan for the challenge, to write about the challenge while I am in the challenge and documenting my progress. It is also becoming more difficult to come up with challenges. For that I have a task list in my Things App which I named 30 Day Challenges. I look at it on every 28th of the month once I finished a challenge and then pick the one I feel like or the one I feel I need at this moment in time.

Things to Repeat

I think the things I’d like to repeat are the running every day, the meditation everyday, reading everyday and most of all listening, there was no better challenge than giving myself the gift of shutting up, and listening. I highly recommend that challenge. It is only for the advanced and it gives huge dividents.

Tips for beginners

If I were to recommend someone of how to follow my path to personal development, it is to first look at someone they admire, for me it is Bruce Lee. When you look at that person, recognize that they also took much effort at personal development and did not start off the person you admire. So you as you are, can start and become the person you admire in the end.

Another tip is start small, take something easy that you can remember, that is one task and then try to do it once a day, but don’t worry if you mess up. If you can do it 25 out of 30 days, that is a huge success, that is an A in my book. You need to be lenient because we all have busy lives and it’s ok to forget and its ok to let rest and other things take priority. However, it is not ok to not try. So if you forget one day, do it the next and do it as soon as your remember.

Lastly, try to write it down somewhere, try to measure your progress, even if it is just how many days you were able to do it in a month, enjoy your win and feel free to tell others and brag in a humble way. You will inspire them and you will inspire others.

And most of all, enjoy the journey and becomeing the person you always wanted to become. Be the person you admire, because there’s a reason you admire them: they are the type of person you were meant to be.


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