America, This is Sad-9/11

9/11/2000, the day that our government plunged America into a never-ending war in response to actions of a small terrorist organization which managed to kill thousands of our people because of lapses in our intelligence agencies.
We are paying, every day in taxes for soldiers to be around the world fighting a tactic, in response to that day. If we were attacked, then why do we keep paying a price as if we had attacked?
We pay in money that could be going towards education, helping elderly, research, we pay in time by having to take off our shoes at the airport and wait in huge lines, we pay in human cost by continuing to have young Americans die half a world around? We should be angry at what happened on that day, we should also be angry for the 18 years since then and the policies that still have us pay and see the continuous reports of people dying in markets and weddings in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria..
This is the money that could have gone to save the 2000 people in New Orleans to make better levies. It could have gone to fix the outdated power grid in Puerto Rico to save the 3000 people there.
Why do we mourn every year those 3000 deaths, why do we have a memorial to them? They would still be alive if it was not for the incompetence of our government just as the thousands of New Orleans and Puerto Rico would be alive if not for the incompetence of the government. But we never forget their names, we remember the lives that were taken in those buildings, while the people colored people of New Orleans and Puerto Rico will remain nameless, the faults of the government that caused their deaths will not be remembered, will not be fixed. There is no war that the country will wage spending trillions to prevent another case of harm, there will be no national effort to revamp the agencies to prevent calamities.
In 100 years, this date will be remembered because of the memorials built, the memory will remain. But not the war that followed, because the soldiers who died in Afghanistan and Iraq, like the civilians in New Orleans and Puerto Rico were not valued by our society, because they did not go to work in a high rise, they didn’t have a college degree, they didn’t wear suits to work. That’s too bad.

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