Нет Войны

Войска вошлиТреть Русской АрмииНо на Русском СМИ,Нет войны Год о нацистах все говорилиГеноцид в Донбассе, всем говорилиПол года армия подготовлялаНо в Русских СМИК войне не собирались. Войска пошлина юг, Север и ЛугандонМесяц сидят и только больше растутНо в Русских СМИВойна это бредЗапад волнуются попростуНечего подобного нет 24го ракеты пошли"денацификация" шайкив Каждом городе бомби взорвалисьПутин сказал, … Continue reading Нет Войны

Turning 40

I turned 40. It's a strange age to turn because I never expected to become forty. It was something that happens to old people and I really didn't think it would happen. But it has and I reflected on the past 40 years. So many jobs, so many friends, so many experiences. I've hit many … Continue reading Turning 40

First Year

No one comes with a manual for children, but somehow I think women are more prepared, even though they are totally unprepared. Men however have an easier job but that job is completely self-taught. There are no lactation specialists. You get virtually zero help from friends or fathers, you are expected to figure everything out, … Continue reading First Year


Growing up, we worry about getting pregnant or getting someone pregnant, but once you're married and ready for it, for many people in the middle class, it becomes not so easy. A thirty-year-old woman has been on birth control for over ten years. The body is accustomed to thinking it is always pregnant. It takes … Continue reading Pregnant

Quotes 1.

I am a collector. I collected everything from gum wrappers to stamps, coins and tshirts, friends and memories. They are all "useful" to me, but one thing that I find useful that I think is useful to others are quotes. What I love about quotes is how there are never enough. Life is so tough … Continue reading Quotes 1.

10 Myths White Supremacists Tell Themselves

They are creators of Western Civilization. Nope, Anglo-Saxons were barbarians with zero civilization and little more than pillaging and killing while Greeks, Romans, Babylonians, Egyptians, Sudanese, Mayans, Incas, Indians and Chinese among others had true civilizations. The White neanderthals come 1492 still be running around in loin cloths raping and pillaging if not for the Romans … Continue reading 10 Myths White Supremacists Tell Themselves