America, You’re Funny- Education

First, let’s talk about American colleges. How is it that people get money to attend and academic institution based on their athletics? Are colleges athletic organizations or academic? How many students would have scholarships if the Universities invested in students academics instead of sports? Sports are sports, we should have athletic organizations separate from academics and not confuse the two. The same with school, currently the poor schools are feeders of professional athletes, ignoring the academics of the poor and the schools of the wealthy which focus on academics of the wealthy. Which brings me to the second part of this little essay: the gimmicks that don’t fix our education system.

Academic Divide
Every single action that doesn’t address the real reason for the failure of the American education system will fail. The problem with the American education system is that the funding comes from property taxes, making a de-facto private school system. Schools in rich areas get a lot more money from the wealthy home property taxes, they can provide better things for the students, better teachers, better resources. This means, that if you can’t live in a nice area because you are poor, your kids will never get the best teachers, the good resources the help they need, so they will never stop being poor. All other stuff in American education is gimmicks and bullshit that tries to cover up an unequal system.
For poor white people it is a hard problem to solve, but for black people who are either not allowed to live in a nice area or are refused loans by racist banks, it is nearly impossible to get a good education. This is why Catholics and Jews had to create private schools because they were not allowed to live in wealthy WASP areas where the good schools were. This is no longer necessary for white and Jews, but black people and Latinos who are still denied access to housing in areas of the white upper middle class are still denied the opportunity to become educated and to get into college and middle class. This is why Affirmative Action was the only way to bypass the racist banking housing system, this is why the racists of America had to stop it because they had to keep the black/Latinos in poverty, to prevent the future Obamas, future Carsons, future Clarence Thomas’s.

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