My Fellow 3rd Party and Trump Supporter Friends, Let’s Make A Deal

So I realize I’ve been wrong. I’m willing to admit it. I concede to all my 3rd party and my Trump supporter friends that I’ve been opinionated, condescending and at times, even belligerent. I’d like to say to many of my friends that I’m sorry for how I characterized and belittled you. I know that you are smart and that I’m no smarter, but I have my values and my opinions and in attempt to convince, I’ve ended up insulting you and me.

I’m saying this because I’ve come to realize that many of my friends who want to vote for Trump have specific and very understandable concerns. You have concerns about Clinton and very real needs about specific issues. I understand that you are concerned about jobs. I understand you worry about outside influences. I understand that you worry about debt. I get it and I agree, those are important issues.

I also hope you understand that I am concerned about Trump. I have worries and concerns about his views on human rights, on American citizens, on Jews, Hispanic Americans, Black Americans and of course, women. I hope you understand that I worry and seek specific policy from Clinton on women’s rights, on education, on healthcare and many other issues which is why I am voting for her.

Given this understanding, I want to call a truce. I agree with you that Clinton needs to be as honest as possible now and in the future and that she needs to be accountable. I would like you to agree with me that what Trump has said and done is reprehensible and does not in anyway represent what’s best in all of us.

I want us both to agree, that of the two imperfect candidates, one is more equipped to be a president. Regardless of that fact, I understand that you have your freedom to choose and there is an alternative choice and you are free to make that choice.

However, I have a deal for you. I am willing to offer you, my hand, my word and all the tools at my disposal, to work with you starting November 9th to get the things that you find important: fiscally sound government, responsible government, a government that respects safety and second amendment, government that is not beholden to special interests and will do it’s best for the blue collar and regular Americans instead of the elite. And of course you know full well that I’ll work like nobody’s business to do right by Israel, so you don’t have to worry about those pesky terrorists, Muslim, Hindu or even Pastafarian.

I will work to advance your cause if you meet me half way. I promise that I will do all that for you, if you vote for Clinton.

I know, I know, I know, that’s crazy! I can see you wanting to walk away but wait, just hear me out. Let’s be reasonable. You and I both know that you don’t want Trump. He’s uncouth, he’s rich and gaudy, he thinks Putin and Saddam Hussein were cool and he can’t even control his Twitter account. If you have a daughter, there’s no way you’d allow yourself near him. I understand Clinton isn’t a prize but I think we can work with her, I mean she stayed with Bill, so clearly she doesn’t hold a grudge and cant talk things through. Plus, just look how Bernie worked on her and all the changes she made in her platform, and she didn’t even have to!

So yes, she is clearly reasonable and so I think we can get her to come around to your needs and wants. With Trump, you and I both know he’s only going to do what’s good for Trump. You know he is unpredictable and that there’s no way that you could ever guarantee to get what you want. He wants to lower taxes on the rich for God’s sake!

And if you’re not voting Trump, but headed for Garry the wacky Johnson or Green the Jill, I understand if you’re in Cali, but if you’re in a swing state, that’s one vote that you don’t want to give to Trump (you know you are if that’s how you vote, sad but true). So to you I say Vote 3rd candidate in any other election, but let’s not screw around here not when we’ve got Trump creeping on the oval office. I promise that even here, on the libertarian camp, I’ll work with you to get your ideas, (even some of the really wacky ones that don’t involve weed).

So fellow friend, buddy, compadre, let’s Dump Trump. Let’s elect the first chick to be the Prez. Let’s get gramma Hillary to take care of the sick and angry nation, and then together, let’s make sure that her listening powers are directed in our direction. None of this Red/Blue bullcrap, we both know that none of us are a single color, we’re three colored: red, white and blue and all the colors in between, so let’s act like it. Let’s come together, and work for a good cause, for all of our causes.

So what do you say, are you willing to accept my offer? Are you willing to take my hand to get you what you want and to get us a President that all of us can be sure won’t blow up the world over a tweet?

So no arguing, no yelling, no more divisiveness, liberal or conservative labels or anything else that splits us, vilifies us and makes us less united than we really are.

Just a simple yes or no:
Pledge with me, and I’ll pledge with you.


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