Never Argue With An Emotion

A lot of people are trying to appeal to Trump supporters with facts. They are wasting their time. They try to dispel the myths of emails and Benghazi with facts which clear Clinton of wrong doing, to no avail. There’s a reason why that doesn’t work. They argue with an emotion.

Arguing with an emotion is a waste of time.  Let’s get real, if there was proof that  what Clinton did was not wrong (there is, she was proven to not be in the wrong) it wouldn’t sway them, because you if you are pro-Trump and anti-Clinton. If you  don’t like her then you will most likely latch on to any info no matter how wrong to keep that idea (if you are reading this and you are a Trump supporter, just ask yourself if you asked if the allegation was true when you first heard it).

So what’s the point of arguing with an emotion. What’s the point of pretending that you disagree on issues when the issues to the other party are not important. If they were, you would see Republicans be very upset at Collin Powell for having personal email, or at Bush for erasing 22 million emails about Iraq, or the fact that Bush didn’t heed warnings about 9-11 and caused 5 thousand deaths and 4 trillion in cost with an unnecessary and false war which we went to based on blatant lies. But you as a Trump supporter don’t care, you’re not even close to as angry about those things as you are about something that was disproven, something you don’t even care to fact check because fact-checking may cause you to look for something else to hate her for and if you don’t find it, god forbid, you may have to face an ugly truth: you’re a misogynist and have no good reason for hating her and supporting a racist, xenophobic conman who cares zilch about democracy or the country. Because it’s emotion and arguing with an emotion is a waste of time.

HOWEVER, there is one reason to argue. Your argument may be heard by a person who isn’t emotional and is not yet informed. They will be convinced by facts and information. For their sake and for the sake of public record, it is important to speak out when clear disinformation is presented as fact and to fight that for the sake of the system. Because if we are given the right to voice, what’s the point if we don’t use it.

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