An Open Letter To The 3rd Party Voters: This Election Is In Your Hands.

The country is split into roughly 40/40. 40% of people who think Russia hacking US is ok, that a candidate who defrauds, doesn’t pay taxes, who lied to everyone for his purposes and says horrible things is honest while the other candidate is dishonest based on evidence proved false, who believe claims because they don’t like a person they’ve never met. The other roughly 20% of the country is people who will believe anything without checking it, who gravitate to a no choice for no other reason that they find the choice to be too difficult. They will say their candidate will create a Utopia even though he and she by their own account, don’t know what he is talking about. They don’t have policies that even the 20% can articulate aside from “small” government which means nothing because no one can explain what that means, what portion goes and how we get along without majority of the country as a successful and developed nation.
The 20% are willing to see the country seeded to an authoritarian king-like person who is make no mistake about it, committing coup d’etat because he himself stated that he is not recognizing a popular vote. Now we know for a fact that he does not represent 50% of this country which is female, the 10% of this country which is black and then 30% of this country which is Latino. He does not believe in Global Warming, already causing billions of dollars of damage to this country, he feels nuclear proliferation is not a danger, which threatens billions of lives. He is a monarch and monarch’s control the elite and give the loudest and the basest people control. This is the way they govern and he is doing just that. The 40% that don’t get it or like it, will vote for him. The 40% who realize this travesty that would change United States from a democracy of governed by Representatives who are the best of us to a dictatorship of ruled by the strongest and the wealthiest, will be under the hand of the tyrant. The 20% percent who allow this to happen by voting for the third party, neither of which has realistically any sense of good policy and who are voting it because of unsubstantiated and disproven claims against Clinton are going to create this. The 40% who realize this, know that we may have to leave. Because we don’t believe in guns or violent overthrow. We can see the rights of journalists being curtailed and the law being changed for the wealthy inner circle of Trump. We know that economic destruction of the brain drain and poor governance is going to lead to lack of freedoms for all and that the only way to salvage ourselves is to leave.
What’s interesting, is that the other 40% has made no such statement about leaving. In essence they have in some ways shown themselves to be super-patriots. They have nowhere to go and no desire to go, they have the desire to use violence to get their way. They know that under Trump, their propensity for violence against women and minorities will be condoned, they know that their preference for pollution and land development at the expense of nature and health of eco-system will be upheld and their desire for war and conquest of others, or as Trump said “bomb the hell out of them” will be used and their ability to shut the door on any change or help for people outside this country will begin. Trump will make America great again for all that was terrible seventy years ago and that is what they want, the return to monarchy, the one ruler who allows the lower echelons to do what they like and jails anyone who in anyway tries to show that that they are better, more educated, or feel that they can govern than him, will be placed in jail as they have in all tyrannies. This isn’t fiction, this is what Trump actually said to Clinton and other people who chose to stand against him. They, the 40% want that.
Why? They don’t want “elite” ruling them, they want complete freedom. It is a return to anarchy through monarchy. It is a return to those who are strongest get their way. But there are 60% of us that don’t want this. In a democracy, we have the vote, we can keep the Republic and the system that allows anyone to rise up who works hard. A system that allows us to be an advanced countries and enjoy freedoms and rights that we all possess. But we need the 20% who feel like voting for 3rd party, who choose to hate the “elite” and want a “smaller” government but are educated enough to understand that while they want that, it’s not what we require to be a successful and wealthy and good nation. We may want ice cream everyday and may not like salad, but if we want to live a long and healthy life, we need to eat and bear what we don’t like. To look healthy we must work out even if we don’t want to and to keep a representative democracy, we must vote for the one person that will be able to keep it.
The status quo may seem terrible but it is what has kept us free for over 200 years, it is the defining feature of what made this country the place to move for freedom. If we wish to keep the freedoms and rights for all people, we have to come together, for the sake of all people, even the 40% who want to take it all away, who whether they know it or not, are also infinitely bettered by the system that allows all people an equal shot and respects all people equally, people of all colors, religions, sexes and genders. For their sake and ours, we need you to make the right choice on November 8th. As Michael More said, you don’t have to like it, but to keep this country as a democracy, to keep the values we cherish and the rights we have, we need to make it. We need you to make that choice.

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