Uber Charges for Time Driver Spends After Dropping You Off

So they other night I take an ‪#‎Uber‬ back to Jersey, and they charge me surge price (12 dollar ride becomes 26 ride) and then they charge a Jersey surcharge (20 bucks) because the driver has to go back to NY.. I have to pay for the drivers journey without me??? WTF???? Maybe I should also pay for his time driving to me and then pay for all his time when he isn’t driving at all, like when he is at home..

Hi Sam,
Happy to explain. The $20 surcharge is not only to compensate for the toll, but also the vacant ride back into the city for the driver.
If you have any other questions about our pricing, you can check out our website, where all our rates (including the New Jersey surcharge) are listed.
Let me know if I can help further!
Uber Support

Seriously??? I mean maybe if they only charged for the gas, or for the toll, maybe I’d understand.. but to charge me for a surge and then have a surcharge almost as big as the surge pricing? Now that’s just rude.

Share economy is starting to look like regular asshole economy.

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