America, You’re Funny: Daddy sent his friend to look over US, his name is John Oliver.

Isn’t it sad that the longest piece of journalism about our dangerously unmaintained infrastructure was done by a British comedian? It is like we are incapable of running our own country and two hundred and fifty years after becoming independent, daddy comes over and say, son, you’re still a fuck-up.

What is really sad about this democracy is that when responsible thing is to keep people from dying on crumbling bridges and raising taxes or irresponsible of doing nothing.. Our government chooses nothing.

 I’ve spent more in the past two years on new tires as a result of crappy roads than I would have paid in taxes.. but US public refuses to pay taxes.. they will just die falling from bridges and keep paying for suspension, alignment and new tires.. because we’d rather do that than pay a cent in taxes. This is the problem when our Press is not free but for sale to the advertisers, controlled by the state and people are so under-educated that they cannot add, subtract or think to realize that the money they save on taxes they pay ten times later when things collapse and their cars break.

Even more sad, is that we are so incapable of thought, that we spend billions on an Army to kill people abroad to keep us “safe” but we refuse to spend even a fraction of that money to keep roads running which makes us unsafe.

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