One Boston Marathon Bombing, Every Week: Ukraine

We see tally of dead from every Iraqi and Afghani bombing.. We are having a trial for the Boston Bombing and we are outraged. In Ukraine, far from the frontline, there are bombings, once a week or so, across east Ukraine, near trolley stops, near homes and shelters…

 I used to think that called the operation against Putin anti-terror was a little much.. but the mastermind of the apartment home bombings in Russia in the 90’s has no intention of changing. Like Hitler, he only gets worse and as with Hitler, with every vile thing, the world looks away thinking, “that’s the last time, he will calm down now.” But he doesn’t, he only gets worse. Unchecked, he will get much much worse.

It used to be that bombings were created by Guerrillas, by extremists, but Iran has changed that and while we thought we could ignore their bombing of the Marine barracks in Beirut or the AMYA center in Buenos-Aires, states like Russia first begin attacking its own citizens to start the war in Chechnya, and now… they bomb cities in Ukraine. With this progression, with no words from President Obama to denounce these bombings or from UN, these state sponsored bombings which used to rip apart families and lives in Israel in the early 2000’s will soon be the status quo, in New York, Saint Lois, Minneapolis, Marseille, Paris, London, Manchester.

It is not gay rights or liberalism which is destroying society, but the complete loss of sanctity of life, that women and children who did not choose to fight are fine to kill, that old people are fine to kill.

Germany and total war began, we thought they were animals, until we committed the same monstrosities we accused them of.

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