England and British Air

So I flew through England, during the pandemic, on British Airways. I don’t recommend it, they are not very good about scheduling. We arrived in London from US ten minutes late and as a result, no one on the flight was allowed to get on the connecting flight. They told me later that sometimes flights arrive early and still are not allowed on. Talk about screwed up and willful mis-scheduling.

So as a result I had to stay in London after a red eye flight for 9 hours and they had to buy me a flight on Virgin (which was awesome flight). Virgin actually took off late because the connecting flight from US arrived late. Talk about difference in customer treatment.

British gave me 20 pounds to spend on food. I ended up sleeping at a lounge in Heathrow. It cost around $200 USD for 6 hours in a private room with a shower. Which was not bad but pricey. I did get lunch and ability to stay at the lounge afterwards until my flight was taking off.

On the way back I had a layover in London again. I used HotelTonight to get a room at a hotel 15 minutes from the Airport. It was about $10 for RT on public transport and I got to rest in a room for $75. So a lot cheaper and nicer although slightly less convenient, but easier when it’s an over night layover.

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