Costa Rica (San Jose) to Panama

Border Logistics
Panamanian side might ask for itinerary, don’t need real one, any fake will do from any other country. No need to buy return ticket. No visa or money necessary for Americans.

Tika Bus: 
Buy tickets in advance as they often fill up.

Local Bus to Border.
$15 Take bus to Sixaola at six am from Coca Cola station.
Walk five minutes to border.

Border to Bocas:
Two yellow bus transfers takes you to boat docs for $2 in about two hours.
$10 cabs take you to boat docs in 30-45 minutes.
$5-15 twenty minute boat to Bocas del Torro

To Panama:
Fly: From Bocas del Torro Airport for about $100. Several flights every day.
Local Bus: 12 hours from the border town. $20

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