America, You’re Funny – Racism

America has a problem. We all know that. The problem is that many in America want to be racists and many in America are of different race. Both of these groups fight for their right to either enact racism or not feel racism. But why is there racism in America?

The reason for it in my opinion we have to go back to the American myth. The American myth, is that Americans are people who came to America and tamed nature and wild and created a free civilization, that old idea of taming the West. This myth is why there is racism.

Why? Because the existence of black, Latino, Native Americans and Chinese disprove that myth, because all those people were brought in to help precisely because white immigrants could not tame America. If they could, they would have never needed help from Native Americans, or shipped in black people to work plantation, or allowed millions of Chinese to work the railroads or allowed millions of Latinos to come and work the farms.

From Thanksgiving when the European settlers needed to survive, to Revolutionary war which wouldn’t happen without black slaves farming cotton to Civil War which wouldn’t happen without Asian workers helping with railroad and today when Mexican labor is the backbone of American economy, the very multitude of races of America is the unsobering and maddening thought to the tough “cowboy” that “white” is not best, that white people cannot do everything and that they need help. The fact that they need help implies the need for sharing the wealth… and that requires admission of equality.

And that, is why there is racism. America, you’re funny.

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