America, You’re Funny-The OJ Simpson Trial

So I am watching the OJ Simpson Trial and it made me realize a couple things: thousands of black people were put into jail on trumped up charges, thousands were killed without trial and thousands with a false trial. Thousands of white people never went to jail for killing black people and thousands had black people go to jail for the crimes they committed..
The justice system was racist and broken.
BUT ONE BLACK MAN DOES NOT GO TO JAIL AS A RESULT OF A RACIST, and white people loose their shit and their faith in a broken system…
What? Broken? It was ok when black people were sent to jail wrongfully and white people don’t but one black guy goes free and NOW it’s broken?
We are getting better, but we have a long way to go….
The show is a bunch of crock trying to make this sad story about misjustice, and how the black people celebrated without giving an understanding to the perception of black people. The show is a perpetuation of racism that we have today… The show is basically “All Lives Matter.”

America, You’re…

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