Why Fight?

I did not come to this country, I was brought here. I did not choose this place, but I made it home. I studied, I worked and I did my best to contribute in taxes, patents and all my talents.

The country I came to is gone. The country I came to might come back, with difficulty and hard work.

My question is, is this my fight? I am a citizen, I should fight the foes, those outside and within, but is it my fight?

I don’t feel like I am a part of this country. My ancestral homeland is often under attack. My equality as an American is questioned because of my ethnicity. My ideas and thoughts are questioned because of my age and my political leanings.

Why fight for this place that doesn’t seem to want me as a person but only wants the fruits of my labor?

I hope someone can convince me of why it is imperative to fight for a place that doesn’t seem to think that anyone who isn’t a white Protestant Anglo-Saxon belongs.


The road of persistence ahead, to make this place Utopia, to make this the idea of what the world ought to be is long and arduous.

Today we are in the process of two steps back after taking a momentous step forward. Thirty years of progress and prosperity and equality are peeling off in days like pieces of orange.

I believe this is temporary. All hate withers, all anger abates because those things are destructive to themselves as they are to others. Eventually all Americans will see the folly of hate against each other and begin to rebuild.

The question is, do I stay and fight, do I remain a part of this. Do I stay with friends and family here or find a new home, a new opportunity or work to build something here for the future of other people and for my kids? Especially when there seems to already be a country that wants me, which is hungry for all of me: my soul and my talents.

It is a touch choice that is not made easy by this country, but a choice a lot of Americans who are all immigrants except for those who were born here as Native Americans, all of them are asking themselves: do I stay or do I go.


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