208 Weeks

I said the end when I finished the 72 days. But this week has taught me that we are seeing changes happen so fast that we can barely keep our eyes open to see them. I think I’d like to document the deterioration of this country under Little D (I can’t bare to say his name anymore and certainly won’t precede it with the P word, he doesn’t deserve that) as well as the fight for the liberties. This will be the toughest fight American population has ever had to wage. The people elected, the people installed and the way they rule and the speed with which they dismantle institutions created over the course of 250 years through wisdom, blood and tears is astonishing and needs to be documented as well as its impact.

Week.. ah screw it.. Day a11

Yes, I stopped. It got exhausting. Every day something was going on that all the insanity rolled into one. An insane budget that increased military spending and gutted everything else was introduced and a horrible bill on healthcare and then Senate changed the rules so that a controlling party could push through any nominee with a mere majority, taking away the possibility of compromise.  So this is how Judge Gorsuch, an insane ideologue who seems to not understand law came onto Supreme Court.

Trump bombed Syria and thought he bombed Iraq. He dropped a huge bomb on Iraq. Last week he got Republicans in the house to pass a more draconian Health care repeal. However, this week takes the cake. It is truly an insane week when a Nuclear Accident is a side note. The week is insane because after he fired Sally Yates for refusing to enforce his illegal order, she testified a day after Comey where Comey admitted to there being an investigation into Trump and Russia. So Trump fired Comey and the next day had Russian diplomats over at the White House without the press.  So, interesting times.

Week 9

Rex Tillerson finally spoke, rattling sabre at North Korea. We’re starting to finally see what this war of disinformation was about, it was about keeping everyone focused on small stuff as the administration completely gutted the budget. The Republicans are happy to oblige.  This is literally bizarro world. Meanwhile we left the TPP so China is negotiating deals which are terrible for environment and for wages but great for Trump if he wants wages abroad low in order to keep his manufacturing costs abroad low.

Week 8

He claims that Obama wire tapped him and we all forgot about Russia. Meanwhile thousands of destructive laws are being passed.  Meanwhile the republicans don’t care about business dealings of Trump and give him a pass on Russia even as Sessions resigns. Sessions meanwhile rips apart the civil rights division and stops looking into voter rights abuse.

Week 7

The wall is being built but not with our money. EPA is being destroyed and Trump appointees are starting to look like Russian agents. But Trump is calling the media liars, ignores the hundreds of bomb threats and continues the assault on immigrants.

Week 6

Starting to realize that if Al Qaida sent planes into Washington blowing up buildings killing thousands and destroying important property, less damage would have been done to American government and institutions which took 250 years to build than what is being done by Bannon. In 4 or 8 years, we will have to rebuild as if we survived a nuclear attack..

This week more antisemitic attacks continue although there was a copy cat by a guy who dated a Jewish girl for a little bit.  Good news is Muslims have been coming to the aid of Jews.

Mosques have been set on fire.

Jeff Sessions has been found to be lying to congress and recused himself from investigating Russian links. Russia is very upset by this and Trump says that Sessions is an honest man, a racist but honest.

Trump has been on the offense signing bills which were created by Obama Congress with more STEM for girls and more support for African American Colleges which Betsy DeVoss called a sign of good choices as a result of segregation, in spite of the fact that they were created because of a lack of choice for black students to be able to get education in white schools, a fact her school clearly didn’t teach her.

Roller coaster continues.

Week 5

Steven Miller, a Jewish white nationalist who was the speech writer for Trump and Sessions’ communication director is quiet accomplished and delivered a threat to all of America that Trump’s powers will not be questioned. Flynn has resigned and Trump seems to be taking calls and making calls in broad view of anyone and everyone, like he did with Yemen and finding out about North Korea’s ballistic missile test at the Mar A Lago with guests all around him as he paraded Japan’s PM in front of all of them.

Week 4

Well shit is hitting the fan. “Spicey” continues to  lie about voter fraud, Flynn was said to have talked about sanctions to Russia, Trump’s order was thrown own by courts which Trump is battling in a Jacksonian fashion. Jackson’s painting is in Trump’s oval office, showing his preference for the genocidal maniac. Betsy DeVoss was confirmed through a tie breaker by Pence and can’t spell. During Sessions vote, Warren was thrown out of Congress for reading Corretta King’s speech about Sessions, which minutes later several male Democrats were allowed to make without a problem.

The problems feel like they are happening far away but families are being broken up and some are not allowed in. Friends of friends are worried about being deportations due to changes in the Visa laws.

Week 3


It was difficult to write a daily blog during the 72 days but it has become nearly impossible for a weekly because the pace of change is so dramatic. We have our first death as a result of Trump with children being killed in an unplanned operation in Yemen which also resulted in the death of a NAVY SEAL.

The Good:

We are seeing more and more people acting on principle and refusing to join the administration. We are seeing more and more rogue accounts tweeting from EPA to NASA, refusing to comply with the dangerous gag order which is keeping information out of hands of the public which pays for those agencies. Trump’s lawyers are loosing more and more battles in court. His rating is plummeting with every day. States and cities refuse to comply with his order and Department of Homeland Security stopped following his order. Resistance seems to be taken hold across the country but his supporters seem undeterred.

Week 2

The Bad: Chaos ensues as physicians, businesspeople, students and refugees are barred entry or sent back. The order keeping people from ME countries that don’t do business with Trump went into effect on the same day as International Holocaust Day. The statement put out by White House did not mention Jews. The people most affected by the killing were not mentioned, they were erased. He also canned the representatives of intelligence agencies from his National Security Council and putting in Bannon and Kushener instead. This is bad, very bad putting people with no experience in keeping us safe. Sally Yates was fired for refusing to enforce the illegal order to bar refugees and green card carriers from the barred countries.

The Good: People like Sally Yates are rebelling and that is positive. Law suits are being filed and NCAA has a huge war chest thanks to Trump.

Week 1

Things started off with an Inaugural address which could have been said by Hitler putting “America First” sounding like Deuchland Uber Alles. The address was more of a war manifesto than an address to a country, it was a threat not a vision of peace and cooperation. The next day was the biggest march in history as millions marched around the world. Trump took on the offense making it more about him by attacking media which reported the low turnout at the inauguration. There was unrest during inauguration and journalists were jailed and are being charged with felonies, unprecedented as this happened in South Dakota but not in a major city, journalists jailed for doing their job.

The week didn’t get better. In the first week we saw a hiring freeze which unfairly affected millions of people who had applied and received jobs and people who were going to work and start work in the civil service. There was no reason for this blanket ban but he did it. He also fast tracked DAPL as well as Keystone in spite of the needed environmental impacts. He started a trade war with Mexico. He signed an executive order taking apart Obamacare by making it impossible to make anything that requires money to be enforced. He froze immigration from ME countries affecting over half million people who were out of the country. He signed into law that being charged with a crime is a deportable offense, not convicted but charged even for permanent residents. Lastly, he banned contraceptive help around the world condemning millions of women to early child birth and poverty.

Trump also does not interact with the press, he is cancelling all funding for KPBS and White House has been erasing votes on a petition to keep public funds for broadcasting. He is also going forward with the wall claiming Mexico will pay for it through a 20% tariff. The tariff would raise costs on goods across US and if a trade war begins, we will be without essential components going into goods produced in US. In essence, due to rise in price we will still foot the bill for a wall that has no practical use or reason.

Today I spoke to a permanent resident from Mexico who said that it was a way to get to him. Slowly but surely and open a door to mass deportations. It is clear where this is going. We are being divided, we are put into a space of fear. We are becoming fearful for ourselves and so we let our neighbors be attacked. Some are not afraid as they go and protest at the airports. However, given the Patriot acts, people can now be charged with the same crime for standing up for freedoms and rights as those who killed 3000 people on 9/11. Warnings of being charged with terrorism are there.

Finally, Muslims and Latinos are no longer safe as yesterday attacks on people began as a Mosque was burned down in Texas.

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