Road to a Civilized America

On November 19th, 2017, America took many steps back. It accelerated that pace on January 20th. We have a long way to get back and a long way to get to equality.

The goals of a Civilized America are the following:

  1. All people have equal rights.
  2. All people are respected.
  3. All people get due process.
  4. All people have equal minimum opportunity.
  5. All people are treated humanely.
  6. All people have a right to clean environment.
  7. All people can compete on an equal field economically.
  8. All people have an equal voice in government.
  9. Government and business conducts ethically.
  10. Morality is not confused for theology.
  11. Facts are respected and understood to not be perfect but evolving with understanding.
  12. Science is understood to be based on facts and changes as better facts are seen.


Currently, we are far from reaching this list and so in this post, I will post how we are doing. The wins and losses. This is the road to a Civilized America.

January 30th, 2017.

+Gerrymandering Takes a Blow, people get a bit better representation

+Sally Yates stands up to Trump’s anti-religious, anti-ethnic ban on emigration.

Sally Yates fired 



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