Troll for Love

Trolls suck, they come in, leave an argument that’s dumb and then leave. But I think there’s a way to be a troll for good. I like to sign-up for hate full lists and websites that suck and misinform and troll them with data. It is strange to go and see what they say but so gratifying to counter their BS and then post a link that proves it.

For instance, I went to BDSMovement twitter and I put up links to rising population number when they talk about genocide. Or I post a link to villas in West Bank when they complain about lack of resources.

On libertarian websites I like to post all the free stuff they wouldn’t get if taxation was cut and on Republican twitter/facebook sites I like to point out the fact that Bush lied in a way that cost far more than whatever they think Hilary did. It might be mean, but hey, better informed public than a suffering public. Right?

So if you want to make a difference, no need to tell people who agree with you. That’s just going to make you more entrenched in your views. Go listen to the other side, it will make you research theirs and your positions better. Plus you’ll be a thorn in their side and make them research more as well and maybe even make a better world.

Salam, Shalom, Peace.

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