America, You’re Funny: Genocidal Streets, Flags and Money.

Imagine if Nazi flag was flown next to the government building in Germany and not on it. Or if there were Hitler’s face on the Euro? How about Herman Goering street?

What would we think of Germany? What would we say to them and how would we judge them? We’d think they hadn’t changed and we would think that clearly they hold the same terrible views if they continue to glorify those who conducted genocide. We would understand that these signs would tear into the hearts of the millions of survivors and into the memory into the millions of those whom they killed.

We condemn the Japanese for not teaching truth about the war and we condemn the Prime Minister for visiting the monument with names of their greatest killers. We know how we feel about insensitivity of others but how do we act?

So then why do we, in America, have Confederate flag waving in Carolina, the symbol of tyranny and slavery for 10% of this country.

Why are there streets like Kearny Mesa, named for a man who butchered most of the Native Americans in San Diego and why do we have Andrew Jackson on the most popular bill, the man who killed 16,000 women and children on a death march that would have made POW’s in Japan cringe.

Why are we so concerned with the feelings of the racists, the killers and the ignorances.

Why, are we surprised when a man slaughtered nine people, most of them old and feeble, inside a black church, when we condone the naming and glorifying of killers in flags, streets and currency every single day?

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