To Write

To write a letter,
To pen a word
And leave it for posterity,
Is to dip the foot
Into the blue pond of immortality
It is to take the waterfall of knowledge
And distill it to the firehose
Of truth and wisdom
It is to take ideas’ smoky haze
And give them life
As a fiery orange blaze.
To write
Is speak to millions
Across all generations
It is to take the past
And give it to the future.
To write
Is to be the present;
The hand off.
To write is to be the moment
Between a couple
As from their loin
Springs eternal life.
It is to give the future
A fighting chance
Against the pillages of nature
and of time.
To write,
Is godly;
To give the child
Chance to take control
To taste the fruit of knowledge
Of good and evil.
To write,
Is to give the possibility of heaven
To those inside the pit of hell.

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