Ten Year Count-Down To Nuclear War?


I wrote this story yesterday. Today I am editing it and appending a question mark to the title and a pre-amble. As I listened to the President deliver a speech and answer questions today, I was reminded just how important it is to verify information before making a judgement or conclusions. While the critics are correct in raising concerns, the facts of the deal as explained by the president dictate otherwise.
Rouhani was elected to bring economic reforms and therefore it is true, money coming into the country will not all go to the nuclear program or Hazbullah. Maybe later they will but not now. After his explanation of just how detailed the inspections are and having worked in the Nuclear field, it is true, hiding a program will be difficult, even if they have more money. Finally, as made to believe, that the program would stay intact, it seems that that assertion is not factually correct. Stockpile is supposed to be reduced, centrifuges dismantled, underground facility converted and all of these things are to be verified.
If these facts are indeed true, then the rant bellow, was premature and shows how much fear media can instill in a short amount of time when it does not provide correct facts. If they are not true, the rant bellow shows just how close we might be to a dangerous nuclear war in ten to twenty years.
Today, our government decided to give Iran a chance to raise 1.5 trillion dollars over ten years after which they can restart the nuclear program with that money. That’s after a record year for troops killed by their weapons. It seems preposterous to arm the country which has killed the most amount of US troops since Vietnam War.
Make no mistake about it, we are at war with Iran. Iran is at war with us, openly. We just refuse to acknowledge it. And now, we are offering Europe to arm them. However, it’s not too late. In the next 60 days, we will see if American apathy will result in tragedy, or will we refuse to let this pin on President’s legacy be a path to more US troops dying, more terrorist actions funded by Iran, more ISIS carnage, more Syria’s barrel bombs and chemical weapons on civilian populations and refugee camps.
Will we watch silently as the counter of ten years begins towards the ultimate war? Or will American people say: “No, there will be no reward for killing American people, sewing unrest and war in the middle east and threatening the peace and security with nuclear weapons.”

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