Normal Logic vs. Middle East Logic

Firebomb exploding on a policeman in Jerusalem.

This week a bunch of Palestinian youths went into a “holy” Al-Aqsa mosque with firebombs and firecrackers and rocks and then began pelting police with these instruments. Police responded and now the whole middle east is up in arms. 

So let me explain the difference between middle east people and normal people.

Normal people reaction:
Well you should not have crazy youths with firebombs in a mall and while I disagree with with use of force near a holy place I think the people in charge of the holy place should not have allowed for people with weapons to jeopardize the holy place.

Middle East people reaction:
Let me ram a car into random group of people some of whom are actually Palestinians and then attack them with a metal crow bar.

Yes that’s right, they think that the way you protest and show your dissatisfaction is by killing people at random. And this is random because when killed, these people are celebrated because the Middle Eastern people think that this is an honorable and noble way to act. To kill people at random as a show of dissatisfaction. Just plain murder anytime you are unhappy is a totally justifiable thing. And not only that but when police shot the man to stop him from hurting more people at random, the countries in Middle East actually are angry that they dared to stop his “dissatisfaction” Because surely life is far less important than his freedom to show his anger by killing 

Now next time you decide to criticize Israel, just consider that fact and that this is the type of people Israel is neighboring. 

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