How to Share On-Line Like a Pro

If I have a story to share, there are a lot of ways these days to share it. There is Facebook, twitter, google plus, Instagram, tumbler.. How do I choose which one to use for a particular story???
Let me explain my personal process.

If I care about something enough that I want to annoy my friends and possibly get some people to unfriend me: Facebook.
If I want no one I know to read it but a bunch of random people to weigh in on it: Google+
If I think it is somewhat relevant to what I care about but don’t care if no one will read it ever: twitter.
It’s a cool picture and I took it, I put it on Instagram and then depending on how awesome it is I will tweet it, put it on flickr, Facebook it or maybe if it is especially good, all three at the same time.
I never use tumbler: it’s for nerds.
All others, are equally worthless.
As for hashtags?
Worthless on Facebook and Google+. 
May get a repost on twitter.
Awesome on Instagram to get people who I don’t know to like my pictures.

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