San Diego-The Golden Cage


San Diego is a dumb town. It always was. Even JFK in the foreword to a book about San Diego History wrote that the people the Spaniards discovered here were beautiful but without much culture or art. It is the climate, it makes one laze. You do not have to work your butt off in the summer to store food for the winter so that you can survive. I’ve always known it but as I dove back into the dating pool recently, I’ve discovered that while I am naturally matched up to smart people, many of these smart people work dead end jobs in service industry where no degree is needed. Many of them came out here for the lifestyle but had aspirations of something more and as they sank into the culture of bros and hoes, they became complacent and lazy.

I’ve often said that San Diego is not a place where one comes to make money or become rich, it is a place to retire. I used to think that it was because it is an expensive place where it is hard to save. But now I think there’s more to it. There’s this relaxed work to live not live to work attitude here. When you do lots of things here you begin to stand out. You stop fitting in and you burn out from the sheer exhausting of fighting the flow of chill.

So back when I used to think that this is a paradise, I did not see the evil dark side of life draining effects. When I used to say with sarcasm: don’t move here, it’s horrible, the weather is always great and everyone is good looking, I am beginning to think that I should say the same thing, but without sarcasm: Don’t move here, it’s horrible, the weather is always great and everyone is always good looking.

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