Jews Aren’t People

Jews aren’t people. That’s not an anti-semitic statement. That’s an anti-semitic thought. The thought that many many non-Jews have, and even some Jews. 

The reason I say that is because of the expectations placed on Jews. We have a double standard for those we deem humans and non-humans. Someone who kills in battle is human, those who kill not in battle are worthy of capital punishment. But Jews are not deemed human even in battle. 

Look at Hamas, a murderous and genocidal organization. But to most people, they are not considered evil, gay killing, Christian persecuting, authoritarian corrupt killers, but simply faulty, they are human. People assume they can change their ways, if only Jews would disappear they would be calm and peaceful, they do not deserve death. 

Jews on the other hand, are thought of more as  dogs, one bite and they are off to the euthanasia room. You do not send the person who beats the dog to die, you send the dog to die that bites the man that beats it. Same way, Jews are told to stop their strikes, and to keep dying as the rockets hit them. Should they respond, the world over is surprise and anger. And it doesn’t matter that the dog did not mean to kill, or harm, what matters is that it unlike a human, cannot make mistakes. Sure it can live with us and give us what we crave, attention, entertainment, but one bite and it is gone. Same for many other animals who we pursue and kill should they attack man even in their own habitat, such as “killer sharks”, “killer mountain lions”, “killer children” who were abused as kids and need help instead we send them to the chair. Thus we have the clear distinction in human rights: to kill is human, to be killed is received for those who are not. And should a non-human kill a human, the animal must die.

This is the reason why the world has a double standard. Jews are valued for their thought and contributions, but only so much as one values their car or phone, they are tools, no more than slaves. Their efforts, may not always be physical but can be as prized as labor of a slave by the slave-owner, and should a Jew skrew up, showing independence or free thought, the world is angered, the anti-semite virulent, like a slave-owner, who at slight sign of insolence, beats the slave and sometimes kills.

To anti-semites, Jews are not worthy of a state, of ability at self-determination. They are “occupiers” in their own land and fighting terrorism, terrorism we would never for a moment allow in our own midst, fighting terrorism is not for Jews, for terrorists, they are but human, unlike the dirty, ungrateful, Jew.

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