Mankind’s Greatest Mistake

Ever think that any parts of your body are separate from you? Let’s take a finger, is it any use outside of the body? If it is ever outside the body for extended period of time, it dies and turns to nothing. Our body without the finger can survive but not as well as if had with the finger. Then we can take a look at the liver or kidneys, abusing those as if they are not part of our body creates failure and we die…

So then let’s take this analogy to the world. Human’s consistently take themselves out of the world, thinking we are somehow above it, outside it. Just because we collectively are able to influence it means we are greater than it. But that is an illusion. First and foremost, when we are outside of our civilization, we are nearly useless and at full mercy of the world. So here, like a finger, when we work together we are good and when we separate like a homeless or a drug addict, we collectively suffer a little while the bum or drug addict withers and dies.

But then let’s extrapolate that even further, what happens when man kind as a whole separates from the universe, the universe dies a little as a whole, and maybe even a lot, look at the mass extinctions going on all around the world as a result of our over-population, poaching and reckless consumption. But we are that finger that is outside the body, not only does the body die but the finger is dying too. We are that separated finger that is alive a while longer while detached. Without re-attaching it will catch gangrene and die, so it must be re-attached as soon as possible.

But we are more than a finger, much more, for we give our tiny part of the universe conscience of itself, we are the part that can understand how the whole thing works. Without realizing, we are the brain. By cutting ourselves off from the world, we are depriving the world and ourselves of oxygen.

We have been around for millions of years, in that time, the period of time which we have cut off ourselves from nature has been on the order of days, maybe even minutes. Two minutes to four minutes is enough to give brain damage without air. We must start breathing, or face our own certain demise…

It maybe too late, but we don’t know, it certainly will be if we don’t re-attach the finger, end the drinking and begin to breathe and remember, we are the Universe, the Universe is us, there is no part, just one whole.

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