The Newest Terrorist Organization

There’s a new terrorist organization that we all know of that hides under the guise of “humanitarian” similarly to Hamas. Like other terrorists it can be found in most uncivilized areas with ties and money coming to it from civilized people. It has it’s hands in most conflicts including Israel, Ukraine, Georgia, Rwanda, Serbia and Syria.

It has an armed force that it refuses to use for good, uses aid workers as shields for those who do evil, it facilitates armed transfer to other terrorists groups, it speaks of social justice but ignores gassing by Assad,  destruction of Kurds, Yazidis, ignores Hamas strikes on Israel but will condemn all actions by Israel in response. It ignores Russia incursion into Crimea and welcomes Russian “humanitarian” convoys into Ukraine which happen to be empty of humanitarian aid just as it did when a flotilla with weapons tried to enter Gaza and condemned Israeli attempt to stop it.

This organization, creates schools where hate is taught and bombs are stored and when it is forced to show those bombs, it hands them back to its terrorist allies who then use those bombs directed at civilian populations as it did in Israel.

This organization was there and watched as thousands were slaughtered in Serbia and millions in Rwanda. It refuses to be direct and unequivocal against real terror but it will be quick to defend any terrorist organization or state fighting United States. Sure it sometimes pays lip service as it did when United States was attacked on 9/11 but then it condemns killing of those masterminds by United States.

This organization, claims legitimacy under pretext of good as does ISIS and Hamas, but it is no good, it is evil. This organization, you may have guessed, is no other than UN, United Nations, United for terrorism and good for no democracy, no good for freedom, no good for peace.

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