If Russia avoids war, it will be great- and it will be a failure for centuries if it doesn’t.

Pavel Pozhigaylo tells how Russia, Russian politicians and Russian people are ready for war. Essentially, they are a warrior culture that forgot how to make great art, great music, great technology and they are just bored and too lazy to rebuild a successful country. So what are they going to do? They are going to go war. What will this accomplish? Many dead Russian soldiers, because no one needs young angry people who would otherwise rob and beat and drink in Russia. Those young Russians will kill a bunch of Ukrainians about whom Russia doesn’t care and has always seen as less than people, they even have a name for them: Hohol. They don’t care for the Russians in Ukraine either, those will be killed just like Ukrainians, for them they have a cute name too: Malorussy, which means little Russians, not quiet Russians.

So Russia will go to war, it will get part of Ukraine, that part of Ukraine in turn will get a government that doesn’t care for them nor is able to take care of them. They will be robbed and they will realise what they got but it will be too late because leaving Russia will not be as easy as leaving Ukraine.

But the worst part is that with this war, Russia will put the final nail in the coffin of Russia itself. With huge TB and HIV epidemics, with alcoholism that is out of control, with corruption and lack of any kind of industry besides natural resources like some kind of banana republic.. they will forever be marked as aggressors and out of control warlords. Like Germany, they will forever be marked with a history of shame. Wherever they go, they will no longer be looked on with curiosity, but with disdain. Their businessmen will no longer be respected or trusted, their politicians will be laughed at and that respect that they have been looking for, will be lost for many many centuries…

All for a little war… But this can be changed.. if they only apply that will to fight to fight for their country, to rebuild their country to weed out corruption and lawlessness to make a country worthy of Solzhenitzin, Pushkin, Lermontov and Tolstoy.. To make a country worthy of all those victims of WWII. Russia can be great, but only if it avoids war.

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