Thoughts on Russian Take Over of Crimea

Reading the text of Putin’s speech on Annexation of Crimea and seeing him shake hands with a criminal murderer and mafioso Aksyonov that is now Prime Minister of Crimea I had two main thoughts:

A) His claims were simplistic and out of context Mr. Putin but then again I don’t expect intelligence out of KGB man.
B) “So does America” excuse doesn’t work with parents for kindergarten children and hearing it from Russia is tiring, but not surprising considering it is coming from a cleptrocracy. 

This made me think of RT (Russian Television) and I realized that they are as credible as their government, which is not at all. Both are complete joke, a dangerous and sad joke but nevertheless a joke.. All of Russia’s brightest and strongest either die of alcohol poisoning or move to Europe or United States because that is where honest people can make a living, because unlike in Russia, lies are not promoted but uncovered..

 Because that is the main difference between the two,  everyone makes mistakes, in America people make  mistakes just as much as they do in Russia… but in America we try to fix them while in Russia they just keep ignoring. This is why America has had the same government since 1776 and Russia keeps collapsing again and again and again. 

Putin’s speech and the so called support of Russian people, for the first time, has made me ashamed to be of Russian descent. 

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