America, You’re Funny-Communism, Civil Rights Nelson Mandela

United States fought authoritarian Communism for six decades, building up its military, telling USSR to free its people. Today under capitalism, seven of the ex-Soviet states are dictatorship and yet in America there is no desire to free the poor countries so long as they produce profit. It appears that lack of profit was the largest moral crisis, not lack of human rights. Where is the desire for freedom for Turkmenistan? Ukraine? Belarus? Azerbaijan? Kazachstan? Uzbekistan? Ukraine? Russia? At the same time, I see so many people post stories supporting Arab spring but where are those shares for Ukraine, Georgia or even China and Tibet. If anything facebook shows is that what America seems to truly care for is not democracy and the human conditions but our ability to live more comfortably by pumping out natural resources out of a country and  it was USSR resistance to join our economy that was the biggest problem with USSR, not its human rights record.

So let’s look at at our vitriol and who we condemn. We condemn the Sharia law of Iran who refuse to sell us oil while being perfectly fine with Saudi Arabia who sell us lots of oil.

We condemn Cuba’s socialism who refuse to trade with us while are perfectly fine with socialism of Sweden and Canada.

We were upset over China’s one child policy and their human rights before Tienanmen square when they were not our trade partners and now we are their major supplier of surveillance equipment and largest trading partner.

We were calling for people to observe the genocide in Ethiopia during pro-soviet economy on grounds of Communism and we have ignored it since the country turned to western economy.

We pride freedom in United States but what kind of freedom are we really for? Are we for the type of freedom that allows people speech, gives women respect, allows kids to be kids and citizens to vote? Or are we simply in favor of a countries desire to do business with us for our own economic gain?

Today the news is full of fanfare for a freedom fighter who only twenty years earlier was called a terrorist. His organization was on the terror list but today is the party of the free. It was a grassroots movement that forced divestment that ended the Apartheid which went on until 1994 mainly because of American support and the billions of dollars America was making from the mines of near slave labor in South Africa which could not happen without Apartheid and our support of it.

South Africa repressed all, black and white with secret police, torture, imprisonment. There was no free press and black lives were not just cheap, they were worthless. Police opened fire on a student protest, children were not children, they were less than human and United States did nothing so long as money flowed and those who stood up for this injustice were moved to terror list.

So what is different today? How would we think of South Africa had it reacted to behavior by United States with boycott of American goods? Would Obama be there for Mandela’s funeral, or would we call the new government racist, terrorist, and inhumane.

America, your love of money freedom is very very funny. 

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