Homophobia Explained

The day we are born the world is a huge unknown. As children, the world becomes a scary place with dangers all around us. As we get older and older, we begin to figure out the world, grasp control over it and begin to see it a a place for us to create and not fear. We begin to understand other people, who they are with respect to us and how we interplay. We begin to understand our roles which we have defined over generations in order to make this world an easier place to manage. We create constructs, models and tools to simplify the world into something that we can comprehend. But these models only work as long as we choose to remain ignorant of the overall complexity of the world and these models rely on the world and nature to play along with us. Because the truth is, the world is far more unknown than we could ever imagine.
   The world and nature exist outside of us and we exist inside of it. Thus as we push to progress technologically and as a society, we hit our model and it crashes into the reality of the world requiring our reformulation of our model. Multiple responses happen in such situations. They follow the usual responses to a catastrophic change. They begin with denial, then change to anger which requires stubbornness and a direct competition with nature. But nature doesn’t care, it is not competing it just is. Just because we try to fly, gravity does not change its effect on us and so we finally must accept that nature will win and we either change our models and play with nature or loose to it in our stubborn attempts to hold on to our made-up notions of nature and the world.

    Humans, as they left the arduous jobs of tending fields have come to utilize their full mental potential. With that came rest and self-awareness and full realization of who they are. To use these mental powers requires the bigger truth of the world and the selves and with that came the problem of biodiversity, sexual diversity and gender diversity.
   So it occurred with science when our society reached theoretical limits after Renaissance and so it happened with the end to slavery, so it is happening with racism and finally with homosexuality and our concept of gender. To have an advanced society, we have to allow people to be themselves. We have encountered the ambiguity of nature. Our one man and one woman relationship construct created by Christianity is at odds with our nature and our concept of what it is to be man, woman or human has collided with the complexity of sex and biological variation.

    In the next decades we will find the walls breaking down in our minds as we face the issue that to succeed as a human race, divisions on base of race and sexual preference are distractions, that we must come together and with that, accept one another. Religious tensions, racial tensions, ideological tensions will melt away because progress short of global calamity, is a necessary condition and regression in the age of globalization is impossible.

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