America, You’re Funny – Doctors

In most of the developed world, to become a doctor, you go to college for five years at an affordable rate, do your residency and then specialize. Then you generally make a decent middle class income. There being a doctor is encouraged and supported. It is not a money making profession but a noble profession.

In United States on the other hand, we make our doctors go through a competitive pre-med program to have as many as possible drop out. We then have them compete for a few spots at a few medical schools where they will learn everything they learned in under grad, again but they will now have to pay up to ten times the amount to learn the same things. They will then specialize again at an obscene cost and then go through residency where they will work for virtually no pay while working obscene hours.

In the end, they get to work without vacations to pay off the giant loans at understaffed hospitals because there aren’t enough doctors. Because of this, while most hospitals will pay them a lot, not too many people can actually afford their care that they need to charge just to pay for their insurance and high cost of loans…

America, you’re funny.

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