America, You’re Funny- Maps

I watched a little clip from and it blew my mind!

In the western world, we are full of ourselves and that is no secret. What we don’t know is that we even distort our projection of ourselves on the map. The map we have thought we knew is all wrong. It is great for travelling by sea but horrible for understanding the scale and relationship of continents and countries on earth. This has manifested itself for many travelers. This I found all the time when travelling around or south of equator. If the country is so small on the map, why are the distances so big? Why am I travelling for so long? Travel always takes longer than expected but it is because these countries really are bigger than what our schools and everything around us teaches us.

So if we are wrong about this, then what else are we wrong about?

Notice how the real Mexico is larger than Alaska, Greenland is actually not so big and Africa is really really giant and Russia is long as hell.

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