America, You’re Funny- Religious Industrialists

In United States, if you are religious: Jew, Christian or Muslim, it usually means being conservative. It means being pro drilling, anti-green and anti-global warming. It is often living isolated from the drastic destruction taken by the capitalistic forces on the earth or participating in them as Bush did, and even when those forces have effects on them, it is to refuse to acknowledge man’s role and instead blame it on God. 
     What kind of religion person is that? Taking the negative created by man and assigning it to the deity you worship? That is certainly worthy of blasphemy and hell. I’m sure God would not appreciate humans destroying the earth it created and even less so being blamed for it. 
      So religious folk, if you happen to come across this, remember, you believe God made this place and that means you ought to be the one driving a Prius, jumping onto oil derricks from Greenpeace ships and leading the charge to save the earth because if not you, then who else can God trust with this earth? You love him most so shouldn’t you love his creation most? And in that case logically, shouldn’t you protect it most? 
     Unless that is you worship him for selfish reasons and only use his good will when it suits you and take advantage of his creation without regard for why it was created and that there are other people in this world that God may have wanted to experience life and earth as it was created before you. 

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