Contrary to popular belief, Mexico is fairly safe, modern and a great place to go. Here are some tips to make your time there easier.


  • Flying from Tijuana may take more time than worth the hassle.
  • Getting around Mexico by car, watch out for topas (speed bumps) as they are never marked.
  • Cops will generally not bother you unless you are going far too fast, which rarely happens because of topes.
  • Mexico City cab to airport about 150 pesos standard fare.  International departure gates are on second level. 
  • Flying to Costa Rica on a one way ticket, buy a bus ticket to Panama before arriving at the airport.
  • Metro stops running at midnight and cabs become pricy afterwards.
  • Rush hour on metro in center of the city is recommended to be avoided, trains get packed to capacity and leaving the train far from the door may be impossible.

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