Costa Rica

Cost Rica (Rich Coast) is a great place for Gringos. Lots of people speak English and the place has lots to do and can be as expensive and as cheap as you want it to be.

  • Make sure to have a ticket out of Costa Rica, a bus ticket will suffice.
  • From airport: walk around the parking lot and take a bus to Alajuela for a dollar and another from Alajuela to San Jose for another dollar. Or pay forty for a cab.
  • Inside San Jose the bus stations are all over the city so it’s good to get a map. Buses go everywhere and cabs are not cheap. I generally took a cab to a place and a bus back as that was always easier.
  • San Jose is a huge city so it is worth discovering more than just the downtown.
  • At night it becomes a little sketchy and most things close down and there are not too many restaurants so try to have your dinner early.
  • Local buses go all over the country for very low fares but most leave at six am.
  • Currency: multiply local by two minus two zeros to get dollars. Divide dollars by two and add two zeros to get local.

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