America You’re Funny: Django

The most common two things I heard about the movie Django unchained was:
The word “nigger” is used a lot and that it is hard to watch because of the violence.

Well guess what, “nigger” is what black people were called back then and there were a lot of black people in that movie and so guess what, “nigger” is what you should hear a lot and it was to show that “nigger” is not a cool word we use today: it was a dehumanizing and an objectifying term used to degrade people into objects.

As I watched angry slaves look at the free blacks with anger and envy I realized how slaves must have been institutionalized. How confusing it must have been to see a free black person and not understand why they are free and others are not.. Seeing Samuel L. Jackson character do everything to backstab blacks so that he can be in the good graces of the whites.

Sad part is that our society is still so racist that if a black person made this movie no one would have watched it. A white person making it made people pay attention and still not get it. Blacks were slaves a hundred fifty years ago. They had no concept of freedom, no education, no sense of self for the most part.

Sad part is, they still don’t. The killings that happen in black areas seek no “dialogue” of the nation, no panels or media groups discuss it. Hundreds of people die and are put away in urban areas and most of America gives two shits about it. They look at it as just violence instead of the fact that it is systemic and endemic. Instead of looking at environment we blame it on the blacks and ignore it and watch them die and just build bigger prisons.

This country is just like south Africa, big fences and lots of cops keep the poor locked up in their areas with horrible education and no work in blighted areas to keep them where they are, as nothing.

Django unchained is another symptom of a system wide disease: white man with rights doing their best to keep those rights no matter how badly they are enslaved by them.

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