IOC committee has shamed themselves but they can fix it

The IOC committee has without understanding why wrestling is an Olympic sport shamed themselves by for whatever reason trying to keep 25 sports and allowing sports with representatives stay and wrestling fall… Well let me tell you why wrestling is a core sport and why it finishes off the Olympics.

Wrestling doesn’t get much respect because it commands the ultimate respect.
Wrestling is unlike any other sport because it is the ultimate sport and it epitomizes the sacrifice and dedication of Olympics.

Wrestling is a battle that ends and begins with a handshake.
Wrestling is running a marathon, with a man on your back.
Wrestling is running a hundred yard dash, 36 times while another man is doing his utmost to stop you.
Wrestling is like jujitsu, but you can’t stop moving.
Wrestling is like water polo, if there was no ball and someone were trying to drown you the entire time.
Wrestling is like rock climbing, if someone were trying to pull you the entire time.
Wrestling is like karate if karate allowed people contact and throwing.
Wrestling is like Judo if Judo did not have a gee to grip or joint locks to trap opponents.
Wrestling is like other sports except you are not allowed to have an ounce of extra weight and so you are battling for your honor with strength and speed while starving your body of fuel.

Wrestling is the epitome of human performance.
Wrestling is not about the flight or the fight, wrestling is about standing your ground against any opponent and walking away with dignity and respect. And when you know you can’t give any more tomorrow, you leave the shoes on the mat because when you can’t get better, you retire.
Wrestling is about personal control and control over the opponent at the moment when your mental and physical limits are stretched.
And after that point, you have another match.
Wrestling is the original bible sport where Jacob wrestles angel Gabriel.
It is the ultimate and unequivocal test of one man or woman versus another.
This is why the Olympic torch bearers and flag bearers are wrestlers, because they bring in the Olympics and they are the defenders of the Olympics and this is why they are the last sport of the Olympics because like true warriors, they make sure all go before them and the build up of the Olympic games is up to the ultimate sport wrestling. Because when Olympic gods came to earth, it was wrestlers that met them, fought them and showed that humans are worthy of respect and help.

IOC, you can cut wrestling, but you may as well cut the Olympics because there can be no Olympics without the soul of the Olympics.
Your dirty politics have been shown, your disregard for what is Olympics is clear and the only thing that you have in front of you is a choice: a choice to go into history as the panel that made a grave decision and did not correct it, or the panel that made a mistake and had the guts to fix it.

Will you be wrestlers for a vote?

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